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SOHO worker

SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) suppliers offer several benefits to clients.  The most significant being that city centre overheads are not passed onto clients through high professional fee.

Yes, NJR Partnership does work from a SOHO.  The routine is established and the discipline is in place to make a success of it.  If you work from a SOHO advise potential clients about this.  I don't understand why so many SOHO workers pretend they are large corporations. 

One of the most extreme manifestations of this is a business I know (not a client) who has a trading room sound track as part of the telephone answering system.  I'm not sure this "fools" anyone and is it a good thing to do.

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Keeping in touch with the local businesses and communities of North-East England where I'm privileged to live, I'm also a Director of Utilities Manager Limited.  My first contact with coding was during the pilot O-level in Computer Studies at Southmoor School, our code was sent to Sunderland Polytechnic where it was input onto cards for feeding into the main frame to produce a printout.
I've enjoyed IT and its progress over the decades.
Also hold the Advanced Diploma in Marketing from the CIM

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