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C2C Tourism

Whitehaven C2C tourist friendly Whitehaven C2C tourist friendly

I completed the C2C during the August Bank Holiday weekend 2017.  A few observations about the start at Whithaven because the set-up has changed for the worse.  

Previously, when starting at Whithaven it was a simple case of unloading the bikes from the roof rack at the Harbour Slipway, back wheels in the sea next to the sign and drive away the support car.  This time the whole harbour area was not welcoming to C2C cyclists.  To start with as I turned into the harbour the municipal car park was on the right hand side, behind Argos.  I saw it and thought great, a place to park so swung the car round to the entrance only to see a height restriction bar which was too low for the cycles.  Next went up to a museum over-looking the harbour with a few parking spaces in-front on it.  I pulled in and lifted the bikes from the roof whilst a passenger went to buy a ticket.  I unloaded the bikes and strolled up to ticket machine only to find that the minimum charge is for 4 hours and they require the car registration.

OK - bikes unloaded so drove to the slipway for a photo next to the sign.  The whole area was basically saying cars not welcome, including warnings about no parking at any time and CCTV monitoring.  This is the tourists first contact with Cumbria, where they will be spending in local restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels and campsites during the next few days of C2C cycling.  Much more welcoming would be a greeting notice - Welcome to Cumbria, enjoy your visit.  Please unload your cycles and drive safely.  Keep the mo parking notices but a bit of reassurance that it is not a civil offence to drop-off cyclists would be a much better experience.

My car was stationary for about 3 minutes at the slipway as the photos were taken, certainly not an obstruction.  Question is will a parking offence notice arrive in the post?

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